Junior kickboxer hoping to make his dream come true .

This year the Kickboxing 2018 WAKO Junior World Championships will be held in Italy and this teen sportsman has been chosen to represent South Africa.

He is young, passionate and dedicated to his sport.

Declan MacGregor excels in Kickboxing and has been chosen to represent South Africa in the Junior World championship in Italy from the 15-23 September 2018.

A back -a- buddy account has been started to assist this young star reach his dreams.

“We are doing what we can to raise the funds that Declan MacGregor needs to go. ” the page states.

Declan started his kickboxing career when he was just 10 years old. He’s been an aspiring kick boxer for 5 years now , excelling at his sport.

Rising to fame Declan stumbled upon his talent due to a series of unfortunate events.

His father passed away when he was young, leaving a widowed mother to raise this young man.

Having being bullied in primary school this gentle boy never fought back. All this pent up emotion and the death of his father were finally expressed when his mothers friend suggested Kickboxing as a way for him to “Get his mind off things..”.

This is a huge honour and a dream come true for this dedicated young man

But ….

His dream needs wings and his family are reaching out to you to ask for a donation towards Declan reaching his goal and being given the chance to represent his country.

You can support Declan’s campaign HERE

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