Kiki pie turns sweet 16

Many years ago I had a Barbie doll loving little girl whose world revolves around her pink guitar and her fluffy kitten.

She was 8 years old when I started my Fun mamma SA Facebook page and nicknamed her Kiki pie to protect our identities.

Yesterday she turned 16 !

How did this happen? It seems just yesterday not 8 long adventurous years ago.

It’s all about the Flashing crown

I was feeling rather nostalgic when I went shopping and I ended up buying just a bit too much pink.

I found pink banners and glitter cake toppers and even a flashing pink crown.

I have to confess I shop for most of my party decor at the China malls.

A banner that would have cost R125 online, cost me R35 and as the mom of many I’m not fussy where I can shop when it comes to saving costs.

In total her decor cost R100. Not bad for budget parties.

Getting ready for a party

Normally, we don’t celebrate a birthday on the actual day with our family as they are all grown now and are busy or working.

Our normal tradition is to celebrate as a family on the Sunday after at 2pm.

But with this August being so hectically busy, we decided it best to celebrate yesterday ….on a school night.

I cheated and bought a cake as my day was running away with me and decorated it with candles and the number 16 cake topper, which Byron later managed to set on fire!

I also grabbed some yummolicious donuts. Our local Spar bakes the most devine donuts and I couldn’t resist.

I added the little flowers to a vase that I had bought her and placed the crown ready for her to wear. (Which Hamish has since claimed and Kerri wouldn’t wear 🤦)

Lastly I got some glasses ready with lemonade and strawberries. In our home I do not believe in alcoholic drinks before a child is legal to drink them but wanted to make the party look a little grown up.

Party Time

Then I cooked supper for 13.

This sounds massive but as a mom who spent many years feeding 6 growing children and often cooking 2 or 3 different meals a night …. I was in my comfort zone in the kitchen. I still struggle to only cook for 2 or 3 people.

It’s always wonderful to have the whole family together.

It’s noisy, chaotic and there’s usually a sibling throwing their weight around but there’s also lots of laughter and joking and a sense of loyalty to each other.

Kerri was the baby of our family for 13 years before Hamish was born, and her siblings still very much view her in that regard.

So they tend to protect her fiercely, spoil her wildly and all make a huge effort to be there for her.

It was a lovely evening and all that is left to say is ….

Happy sweet 16 Kiki pie !

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