A letter To sons on Women’s day

Dear sons

Today is Woman’s day and our entire nation will come together to proudly represent and celebrate the pioneer women who stood up for the rights of those who couldn’t.

They will remember the brave ladies who became the voice of the voiceless and who fiercely stood their ground changing the way generations treated women.

As a women, I am both proud and greatful for these women because it meant I grew up not having to wonder if I could vote. I was allowed to express my opinion and choose a career that before had only been available to men.


Today, my boys you will also read much hate speech.

You will read about all the negatives to being a man.

You will hear that as a gender men rape and kill and hurt and fight.

You will hear that men oppress and drag women down.

You will hear that men are the reason women are fighting for more rights.

What you won’t hear is how wonderful so many men are.

You won’t hear about how men have stepped up in parenting or about the men standing up against abuse and encouraging women to be the best they can be.

You won’t hear yourself referred to as a gentleman for being kind and no one will sing your praises for getting the drunk girl home safe.


I’m sorry!

I’m sorry that you need to read such gender based negativity from women who fought for dignity, equality and respect.

I’m sorry that you will hear that you are not as superior as women by the same women who fought for men to change this thinking.


Mostly I’m sorry that with a society of women who are fighting for empowerment and upliftment that you will be dragged down to feel less than enough.

I’m sorry!

As your mother, and the mom of your sisters, I want to raise fierce, confident, courageous children.

Those who know that kindness is more powerful than hate.

So, please do not listen to the hate speech.

Don’t feel you are not enough.

Today on Woman’s day celebrate the women in your life with gentleness and wisdom.

Celebrate that one day all mothers will raise sons and daughters so strong in character that they will raise their voices in gentleness, kindness and love.

Celebrate that you my son, are enough.

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