Let them cut ! Why scissor skills are important.

Today’s building skills activity is one I’m sure you all enjoyed as kids ….cutting out magazines. 
I save all our club magazines, toy catalogs, and brochures for Hamish to cut out. ( We honestly don’t buy magazines anymore)
This is a no-pressure, stress-free way for him to practice those cutting skills and not worry if the lines are straight or if he has cut off the character’s heads.

Why are scissor skills important?

Scissor skills develop with confidence and mostly practice. So, the more he cuts out the better his cutting skills will get.
Children can be introduced to child safety scissors, under adult supervision, from around 3 years old.
Learning to use scissors correctly is not only a life skill but assists your child to :
  • Move each finger independently
  • They strengthen their hand muscles
  • Develop hand-eye coordination
  • Practice bilateral coordination skills (two-handed coordination)
  • Learn to follow directions
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Promote a grasp pattern
  • And they learn to focus and pay attention.
So grab those old magazines and let the kids cut out today. 

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