Road Trip To George

You all know how much I absolutely love a road trip. Just say to me “let’s go …” and I’ll be packed in 5 minutes, in the car and remember to ask where we are headed by the time we are on the first freeway.

Wanderlust runs strong in my veins!

Let’s go!

This morning we are heading to George, in the Western Cape, for 2 days.
We visited George a few times and many years ago, way back in 2009, I lived there briefly for half a year.
I love the little town and always find it so genuinely friendly and such a contrast to Cape Towns’ cliques. For me, George has the benefits and conveniences of a city, whilst still holding onto its small-town roots.
So, it’s one of the places we enjoy visiting.
Also being so close to Cape Town, only a 5-hour drive, it is an easy day trip and while we are still exploring all George has to offer for families traveling, there are some wonderful little gems in this town.

About George

George forms part of the popular Garden Route, a coastal stretch of the Western Cape. Interestingly, it is the sixth oldest town in South Africa and also the second biggest city in the Western Cape and was named after the British monarch George lll.
Surrounded by the Outenique mountains, the Indian Ocean, beautiful forests, abundant wildflowers, flowing rivers, and rich farmlands, this little town offers a selection of beautiful scenic views along your travels.
One of the attractions of George is being surrounded by mountains wherever you go.

What to do in George

George is renowned for their golfing destinations and boasts 10 golf courses.
If you do not play golf you may want to shop at some of the large selections of stores available or visit one of the many restaurants and coffee shops. George is known as the Mecca of the Garden Route.
George has a rich history and you can find museums and historical landmarks to visit. Some of the more popular are the George Transport museum, The Outenique museum, the Slave tree, and the King Edward VII library building.


George is 8km away from the coast, so the beaches but you can still enjoy the beauty of the ocean at either Victoria Bay or Harold’s Bay.
Victory Bay is vibey and perfect for surfers. Situated 9km from the center of town you can watch dolphins and whales here between June and November.
Harold’s Bay is just outside town and is popular among locals as a bathing beach.

Scenic drives

Taking a Sunday drive in George is very popular and people will often drive to see the baboons at a national park, to take in the scenery, or to enjoy lunch at a favourite restaurant. There is always a reason to drive on the wide, open roads in George.
Today, the Outenique and Montagu Passes are two of the most popular drives, however, Seven passes road is not to be overlooked. It is the original road between George and Knysna.

Other things to explore

For travelers, you can take a vintage steam train ride from George to Mossel Bay on the infamous Outenique Choo – Tjoe
or visit one of the Nature reserves or Botanical gardens.
George is nestled deep in the Cape floral region and although it is the smallest, it is also the most ecologically rich of the world’s 6 floral kingdoms.
Dominated by fynbos and is home to 8 000 plant species, many of which are indigenous to the area. The Garden Route is the largest natural forest in South Africa.

With such a huge selection of things to do, you can see why we visit often.

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