Make a magic Santa Key

This is the first year I’ve started a Christmas eve box and I’m really excited about it.

Finding things to add took some research and one of the items I found was Santa’s key.

A key?

Yes, of course because the jolly red man no longer has chimneys to come down so he will need to get in to drop off the gifts.

I saw some stunning Santa keys online to buy but you can make your own.

You need:-

🌲An old key
🌲Spray paint

🌲Gift tag or printed Santa key poem


Spray paint the key you choose and sprinkle glitter on it whilst still wet. Alternatively you may choose to leave your key unpainted.

On the gift tag write Santa’s key or print out the wording to the key poem.


This key is very special you see

It will not work for you or me

Hang it just outside your door

Go to bed and worry no more

Close your eyes and close them tight

Cause Santa Claus is coming tonight.

Punch a hole in the tag and attach to the key with ribbon.

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