The mighty elephant in the land of Kachoo by Tina Scotford

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Title: The mighty elephant in the land of Kachoo

Author:Tina Scotford


I love the Kachoo series and we’ve been recieving one each month with our subscription.

These quirky books are written in rhyme and contain all sorts of interesting facts about the animals that live in the African plains.

Engaging from the minute you open the book the illustrations are captivating and comical.

In this book the mighty elephant is stomping through the woods breaking the trees. The animals complain that the elephant is a messy pest . He tries to be gentle but because of his size the trees still get broken.

Poor elephant feels very sad. He can’t do anything right.

A great fire breaks out and the elephant saves the animal friends proving his trunk and size can be very useful.

A wonderful lesson that each of us is perfect just as we are.

Disclaimer : All books are sponsored unless stated and the opinions expressed within the review are my own.

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