Make an extra income with The Salt

It is January and we are all looking for ways to supplement our incomes.
One of the ways I make extra money throughout the year is with The Salt.
The Salt is an influencer platform that uses ordinary people like you to review products and post about it on your social media platforms.
Best of all….you don’t need to be an influencer…
You can join now on my referral linkĀ 

A few questions you may have :

How does it work

You simply click through the link above and open a profile.
It will look like this when you are done.
This platform helps The Salt to see who is eligible for what brands.

Do I need a blog or website?

No, the Salt use ordinary people like you and you do not need to be a blogger or influencer to join them.
If you are chosen they will email you to see that you are interested and then go ahead with the campaign.
You are taught and guided throughout and paid once the campaign isĀ completed.

Where do I post

Most of the campaigns I’ve worked on have been posted to my personal Facebook and Instagram and not my Fun mamma profiles.
Some of the campaigns I’ve worked on with the Salt in 2021/2022 were:-
Courier scan

How are you paid

As soon as the campaign ends you are paid into your bank account. I’ve not once had a problem with payment.


Check-in weekly or monthly to answer new surveys and keep your profile fresh, this just helps you to get work.

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