Why you should drive through the west coast

Brent is on leave over the April holidays and on our bucket list is a road trip up the West Coast.
Whilst we use our own car for these trips you could rent a car if you are visiting the area as it is often a more affordable option for families to fly to Cape Town and rent a car once here.

Why the West Coast?

There is always something new to discover on the West Coast, as the roads wind past scenic ocean views, picturesque sand dunes, and serene animal reserves.
Occasionally you spot a quaint restaurant, farm stall, wild buck, lone ostrich, or the off-centered road to another small town.

About the West Coast

The West Coast, which is well known for its scenic beauty, spring flowers, and abundant fishing grounds, stretches over 400 km from North to South.
On your map, you can mark off Saldanha, Paternoster, Vredenburg, Velddrif, St. Helena Bay, Langebaan, Hopefield, Darling, and Yzerfontein as the main towns in this region.
Each of these towns is a true wealth of hidden gems and I could honestly spend weeks exploring their beauty and small-town charm

West coast places to see

As we plan our holiday I’ve made a bucket list of my 5 top favourite places to visit along the West Coast. These are not only places we love but a list of places you should most certainly add to your itinerary if you are visiting our beautiful West Coast region.

1. Sixteen Mile Beach

Situated in Ysterfontein, this pristine beach is the longest stretch of beach on the West Coast and spans 16 miles, which is approximately 25km. Perfect for horse rides, sand bikes, and long walks. Get the family together for picture-perfect sunset photos to highlight your West Coast holiday.

2. West Coast farm stall

A firm favourite for families and nature lovers. This fun farm stall in Ysterfontein boasts a restaurant with great pricing and generous country portions. A must-try are the handmade pies. Children can enjoy the large neatly kept playground area, outdoor chess, animal farm, and walk in avery. On-site you can also find a gift shop and craft house.

3. West Coast Nature Reserve

With endless natural beauty, secluded beaches, perfect braai areas, an abundance of activities, and the best wildflower spotting areas in the Western Cape you haven’t visited the West Coast without a trip to The West Coast Nature Reserve. From August to October huge pods of Southern Right whales can be seen from the shorelines.

4. Darling wind farm

On the hills just outside of Darling, stand 4 large white windmills about the size of a 17-story building, and whilst you may not be able to get up close to them they are quite impressive for photos. Interestingly the turbines can start to produce power at a wind speed of only 8km.

5.Cape Columbine lighthouse

I love lighthouses and the West Coast has some of the most impressive lighthouses that I’ve seen. Cape Columbine lighthouse is found in the Cape Columbine nature reserve and was built in 1936 after this section of South Africa’s West Coast became notorious for shipwrecks. Still, in use, it is a lovely landmark in the Columbine Nature Reserve and one of only four other lighthouses in South Africa that offer overnight accommodation.
These are just a few of the many amazing things we are going to tick off our bucket list this April, which one would you visit first?

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