Make slime at N1 city

Hamish had the best time this week at the N1 City Mall slime workshop. 

Hamish was invited to come join in the fun and experience his very first slime workshop.

As we had three tickets, he invited his two friends along for a morning adventure. All three children had a wonderful time and proudly bought home their very own slime.

Upon arrival, each child was given their slime kit and then the instructions began.

Having never made slime, I expected much more mess but it was actually really easy to make and not that messy.

Hamish is not a fan of slimy things in general, and they give him major sensory anxiety so I was eager to see how he would enjoy this.

Whilst he was visible distressed by the slime in the beginning, as soon as the actorvator was added, the slime became more pliable and less sticky. It was here where he truly immersed himself into the activity and started to enjoy the workshop.

Whilst working the slime the kids were encouraged to shout out “I love slime”, keeping them hyped up and excited. They also got to drum their slime, twist it and make slime bubbles.

Then it came time to add colour. Dividing their slime up into three smaller balls a pigment of colour was added to each before being rolled and twisted to form a giant slime ball.

The kids were offered Barbie pinks and Springboks green and yellow. There was also added glitter for delight.


About the workshop

The slime workshops ran from to 15 -19 December 2023.

There were  5 slots daily from 10:15 -15:00 and NEW slime options each day.

The workshops cost R40 per session and each 35-minute session included:

• Slime workshop session with 1x 250 gram slime

• 1x 100ml free slime activator to take home

• Slime stretching, twisting, and swirling

• Slime Drumming

• Individual table bubbles

• Pigment mixing

• Swirling

• Slime care


As a bonus, the slime crew were happy to include:

• Slime birthday shout outs

• Individual bubble play with Slime crew

We can’t wait to see more awesome kids workshops at N1 City



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