Mess free painting for babies and toddlers

This is such a great idea. I’m not sure where I first saw it but I have been dying to try it with bear.

I placed some paint blobs onto a sheet of paper and pushed it into a plastic sleeve.

Bear then manipulated the paint with his finger to have it make patterns, mix and become a masterpiece.

This really is one of my favourite quiet time activities and is perfect for long road trips or boring events where the kids need to sit still.

To make your own you need:-

📍1 plastic A4 sheet

📍1 A4 piece of paper or card



📍Place blobs of paint on the paper

📍Slide into the sleeve gently without messing the paint

📍Let your child play.

📍Admire the masterpiece minus the mess


I left the one side open on the sleeve but you could close it up with tape to stop any paint escaping or your kiddo sticking their hand inside.

I also used a relatively thick children’s paint as I wanted it to move but not ooze out.

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