Meringue in a box ? Why not ?

One of the yummolicious products that we recieved at the Blog boss meetup last Saturday was a box of Ina Paarman meringue mix.

Now I can burn a pot of boiling water with ease and have never in my life managed to make meringues that either taste or look like meringues.

In fact mine tasted more like a cross between uncooked egg and marshmallows.

Needless to say I support my local bakery if i need meringues.

A kitchen experiment

So, it was with a combination of terror (because hello now I needed to not only make these but hope they came out ok enough to blog about) and excitement ( because it’s in a box how can I flop it right?) that I gathered my wits and decided to bake .

Joined in the kitchen by Dylan, monkey, Kiki and bear we opened the packet , read the instructions and gathered what we would need.

I was impressed to see an egg free option on the inside of the packaging for people with allergies.

We poured the mix into a jug, added our egg whites and started beating, whisking and wondering why I don’t actually own an electric beater????

Doing this by hand is no easy task but finally after all of us having a go the mixture was stiff and ready to go into our pre heated oven.

It’s here that I discovered just how impatient I am and how much of my impatience my children inherited.

No, dear souls, the baking of meringues is a slow patient task. After they had cooked we had to leave them in longer with the oven turned off.

By now bear kept trying to open the oven and the kids were yelling “Are they done yet?”

I was somehow abandoned to clean the kitchen by myself and I’m sure if we hadn’t kept opening the oven door just to peek the meringues would have cooked faster and been much harder.

My final thoughts …

A mix certainly makes baking meringues less daunting but still requires you to follow the instructions and be patient.

I will use it again ( but maybe only when the kids are sleeping as my helpers were a little too over enthusiastic)

Even though we took ours out too soon they tasted yummolicious.

Thank you Ina Paarman for a fun cooking experience and my first meringues that people actually wanted to eat 😊

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