A little spring adventure

I love spring ….

The colours. The growth. The new life all around. So for Spring day bear and I got up to a few fun Springtime activities

1. Nature walk

Living in a flat isolates us from being in nature daily but we are lucky enough to live near the neatly planted Mycity garden lanes. These are really great and we can walk almost up to the beach along them.

They also make the best place to examine flowers and find bugs.

Bear and I took a short walk down the lanes as we were looking for Spring time flowers to make our pressed flower picture.

2. Collecting flowers

Because it was spring time and I really wanted to press some flowers with bear I allowed him to pick a few.

Usually we have very strict rules about just picking flowers or breaking leaves.

He chose his flowers with alot of care before picking them.

3. Spring picture

Making the spring picture was really easy and alot of fun. I let bear do it by himself. We placed flowers on black card and wedged them between a photo frame.

4. Examining bugs

Where there are flowers there are bugs and bear found a dead beetle on the table amidst the flowers. He was really facinated and very gentle with the poor dead bug.

5. Planting leek

We had one lonely Checkers mini left and I decided spring day was the best time to plant that. So bear got to work planting his leek.

I must admit the bad rains in Cape Town killed all of our other plants so let’s hope this one grows.

6.learning what plants need to grow

Bear recieved this cute winnie the pooh plant your own sunflower kit and so we spoke about what pooh and piglet were doing in each picture.

7. Planting sunflowers

Lastly we planted sunflower seeds in this tiny pot and will hope they grow. Sunflowers are my favourite flower and I usually plant them every year.

We would love to hear about your spring time activities in the comments below.

Happy spring everyone

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