Mini Trains at Meerendal Wine Estate

We headed to the gorgeous Meerendal Wine Estate today to experience a ride on the mini steam train.

I had seen an advert on Facebook and knew Hamish would love this.

We arrived at the farm and headed straight to the tasting room to buy our tickets.

3 tickets set us back R75 and this is well worth the R25 per person.

Hamish was so excited he ran straight towards the little yellow engine situated on a miniature track.

The engine is really small and was half the height of Hamish.

We were given an instruction on how to board by the train driver and once we were safely aboard with our feet up, the train started and began its chug chug around the track.

The train seems to be travelling quite fast although in reality it honestly can’t be. I thought I may need to hold onto something as we took the corners but it soon stables and I was very confident in our drivers abilities. ( I was also very glad Hamish was sitting in front of Brent not me )

Throughout the whole ride Hamish was giggling and laughing and his delight at the train blowing it’s horn was evident by his high pitched scream each time.

The train travels around the track twice allowing you to take in the view and in our case peep at the other engines which were still in their containers.

This was tons of fun and something Hamish thoroughly enjoyed.

Getting him off the train was a whole new problem all together 😂

If you are wanting to visit :

Meerendal Express Open!

When: Weekends & Public Holidays
Time: 10:30 – 16:00
Costs: R25-00 per person

Tickets can be bought at the Wine Tasting Room.

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