A night under the stars …making bedtime magical

Last night Hamish was really struggling to settle down. Kerri had a friend over so the house was extra busy.

Ronan had pitched a tent in his room ( Yes, I’m not phased about things like that and once let him turn his room into a jungle with real plants and sleep in a hammock for 3 months) so Hamish wanted his own tent.

Honestly …. I just wanted bedtime 🤣😂

So I ran downstairs grabbed the big teepee and pitched it to his bed. He has a slat bed and I stuck the legs into the slats to ensure it was secure.

Then we dragged out the Christmas storage box, found the fairy lights and I strung them onto the teepee.

Inside I put his playmat cushion, pillow and gave him his new favourite nap blanket from Ami & Me.

His crocodile warmer friend jumped in beside him and after some warm tea and a story I left him there to drift off to sleep.

It didn’t take long at all.

All that was left was for me to cover him with his duvette and unplug the lights.

( Please don’t leave lights on all night if you do this in case of accidental fire)

He was so excited this morning when he was still in his tent and told me he dreamed of dinosaurs and party cakes.

I think I’ll leave the teepee up until he’s tired of sleeping under the stars.

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