Mother’s Day Made Easy With GLAD

Mother’s Day is a great time to show Mom how much you appreciate her by putting special touches on everything you do and minimising the mess and stress in the process.

Whether you and/or the kids are making mom cards and gifts; baking a special treat or preparing a meal, GLAD has a few simple tips to make it a little easier!

Make mom proud!

When baking or cooking, minimise mess by covering kitchen counters, chopping boards and preparation surfaces with GLAD Press’n Seal. It will stay put while you work. When you are done, simply remove Press’n Seal and the mess is gone.

While the kids make mom that special card or homemade gift, cover the crafts table area with GLAD Press’n Seal to prevent kids’ art messes from getting on the table.

GLAD Bake and Cooking Paper is ideal for baking AND frying!

Making mom breakfast? Line a frying pan and have a great fry up. Bacon, eggs – the works! Cook as usual and when you’re done simply lift the paper out, the food tastes delicious and cleaning is easy.

When bringing mom freshly cut flowers from the garden, wet a paper towel and wrap around the bottoms of the stems and then wrap the towel with GLAD Press’n Seal to hold it all together for transporting.

There’ll be less mess if you crush biscuits or cornflakes for dessert crusts or coating between two sheets of GLAD Bake and Cooking Paper.

GLAD products have a million uses!

Enjoy spoiling your mom who is one in a million! Happy Mother’s Day from GLAD!

All GLAD products are made for your convenience with the purpose of keeping your food fresh for longer.

GLAD – Saving good food. From going bad.

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