My 4 year old’s bathroom essentials list

I shared this morning how Hamish is turning 4 years old in 4 days time.

As his mom I couldn’t be prouder of the little boy he is growing into but at the same time I wish I had a magic wand to keep him little forever.

With him growing comes a new found confidence and the development of his personality. He no longer only likes what we like for him but has interests and likes/ dislikes of his own.

Fostering independence

Knowing this we often give him choices as to what we buy for him, what he eats and what products he uses.

When we go shopping he has a large input into the type of products he wants to use. ( Granted many are influenced by a certain favourite tv show)

Fostering a sense of independance, value and respect is important as is teaching a child to make decisions and consider options .

Bathroom essentials ….

Here is his list of must have items :

🧼 Paw patrol towel from The character group
🧼 The crazy store bath fuzzy sponge
🧼 Aquafresh kids toothpaste
🧼 Dischem_pharmacies dinosaur toothbrush with cover
🧼 Sanex kids body wash
🧼 Organics kids shampoo
🧼 Paw patrol bubblebath from Clicks

What are your kids must have bathroom essentials ?

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored