My morning view

We live in a really small apartment. More like a caravan without wheels.

Our 2 bedrooms duplex is just one of 5 in our complex and is situated along a main road, so my first view as I open the curtains is the pretty roof tops of the house next to us.

I must admit, this is not nearly as inspirational as waking to the view of the ocean but seeing as we fall into the poorer half of Blouberg and can’t afford an ocean view each morning, this works for us.

As soon as I leave the house I’m greeted by passing traffic, a small mall and the sight of people rushing to work. Also not all that inspiring.

Thankfully I do get to glimpse my favourite view of Table mountain as I reach the top of the road but now that it’s winter this view is often hidden under a cloud of mist.

This is why I choose to walk bear to school along the Mycity walk ways. It stretches from the road below us all the way 4 roads up to the big malls.

Taking a walk down the Mycity walkway

On either side of the middle path are flower beds full of succulents, colourful indigenous plants and trees sporadically lining the way. Only after these do the bus lanes start and then the traffic. So you are sheltered from the very real traffic congestion.

Each Mycity stop has a different artwork and you can find odd sculptures or vinyl art at each stations.

My two favourites are the Easter bunnies that look like they have been blown by the Cape South Easter at the Tableview station and the abstract people statues at the Jansens bus stop.

All along the way are runners, people walking dogs, some cycling, kids with longbiards and mothers like me with Prams or walking with their kids.

It’s one of the most pleasant walks and the shade from the trees helps tremendously in summer.

I also love that I can let bear walk here without the fear of him running into the road.

It was so great allowing him the freedom to learn to walk along the Mycity walkways

So often our 15 minutes walk home takes much longer as we stop to smell flowers, examine trees, Chase snails or pick up a bird feather.

In a densely populated area that grows daily due to the huge demand for housing , it’s nice to keep a patch of nature for our children to enjoy.

Bears first walk with mom down the Mycity walkways 2016

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