Sleep tips for moms

A good night’s sleep is vital to how you function and leaves you replenished and rejuvenated.

Often as moms we spend much of our time running after our families or waiting for the kids to sleep before we can do things for ourselves, loosing many hours of sleep a week, which can lead to exhaustion and bad health.

How as mom’s do we get more sleep?

Here are some tips to help you sleep better each evening.

1. Set the mood

Ensure that your bedroom is a quiet, dark space. Less clutter will make you calmer. Decorate the room for comfort and serenity.

2. A Good Bed

Sleep depends alot on your bed and mattress. Whilst some people can sleep anywhere, on anything most moms are creatures of comfort. We prefer warm duvette and fluffy pillows.

3. Dress the part

Always wear lose fitting, comfortable clothing to sleep in. Being overly hot or cold will cause you to wake up.

4. Tv and Technology

Try to switch off all screens an hour before you try to sleep. This will allow your mind to wind down and be cleared of thought.

5. Diet is key

For a good night’s sleep each night you need to watch your diet . Eating or drinking too much before bedtime will affect your blood sugar levels and disrupt your sleep. Try to stop eating several hours before bedtime.

Caffine will keep you awake so avoid that last cup of coffee by swoping it for a herbal tea. A camomile tea will assist in helping you to fall asleep.

6. Switch your brain off

When you spend every day with your brain working at full capacity, you’re going to find that it takes a little while for you to relax and shut down enough to sleep in the evenings. Read a book or listen to some music before you fall asleep to help relax you.

7. Ritual

Start a regular sleep routine that will help your body form a habit of good sleep. For example shower, dress in comfortable nightwear, enjoy a cup of calming tea and read till tired.

What if you wake up?

As mom’s we often wake to check after the kids, give a baby a feed or in my case, as I’m a light sleeper, because I heard a noise.

It may be tempting when you wake up to get up and do something. This will make you more tired in the morning and break your sleep cycle. Instead of starting domething, try to fall back to sleep naturally.

In conclusion

These are just a few of the things that you should do to try set a healthy sleep routine and get enough sleep.

It’s really important, as a mom that you get enough rest because raising children is demanding.

As a mom there is always so much to do but you can’t do it all and enjoy it if you’re fighting fatigue.

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