Mom’s Directory S.A. features Fun mamma SA

Almost two years ago I sat with a broken leg and ankle, a pregnant belly and an opportunity to start blogging for a new parenting website called Planet Mom.

It had been several years since I last blogged consistently and I’d steered off the writing for websites and contributing to blogs path.

My daughter tagged me in the post looking for bloggers on Facebook and I messaged the owner , Karolien.

Immediately I liked what I heard and we hosted our first blogger meeting in my tiny crammed flat as I tried to make coffee on crutches.

Since then the website has developed into a functional app for moms and undergone a name change to Mom’s Directory S.A.

Our relationships grew through hours of brainstorming, ideas and conversations. Today I’m proud to call Karolien my friend.

In the process of the app development and website change the blogs took a bit of a back seat but I sat impatiently waiting for the go ahead to post.

I write on Mom’s Directory as “HIS,MINE,OURS ” and proudly represent Mom’s Directory as the parenting expert.

I use my pre-marriage name as I find it easier for those who have been following me for years to find me.

You can read my blogs Here.

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