Make a Rocco fox mini pillow

One of the things Mamma & bear are very passionate about is recycling. This is one of the reasons I love the Kids Book Club bags.Each one comes with a different activity that your child can colour and make.If you received the May subscription bag you would have seen the very cute fox on the front. These were printed to become adorable masks to be coloured by your child.

🐻To make the mask.

Cut along the doted lines of the printed mask and punch the side holes. Attach some ribbon or elastic into these holes and measuring on your child’s face, cut and tie at the desired length.

Some children don’t like masks or may be too small for the mask so we’ve come up with an alternative idea for you.

You can make a mini pillow or bean bag.

🐻To make the pillow/bean bag .

Cut just outside of the dotted line all around the fox, cutting both the front and back of the bag.

Stitch all around using small stitches, leaving a hole to stuff the fox.Turn the sewn pillow inside out through the hole.Stuff with the rest of the bag pieces that you discarded. ( this way nothing goes to waste)


🐾For the pillow you may want to add more stuffing to make it firmer.

🐾For the bean bag leave it loosely stuffed to be able to throw.

Stitch the end up after stuffing to close off. I used a blanket stitch to close the gap.

How to use your cushion :

Use your cushion as a mini decoration on your bed or for your child to cuddle with. Bear fell in love with Rocco and held him to fall asleep.

How to use your bean bag:

Bean bags are perfect for little hands to practice tossing with .

Here are 3 games you can play using your Rocco Fox bean bag.

🐾 Rocco toss

Place a target onto the ground with chalk or tape. Take turns tossing bean bags as close to that target as possible.

🐾 Hot potato

While everyone is sitting in a circle, pass a bean bag around and play a short song. When the song ends, the player with the bean bag sits in the middle of the circle. Keep playing until there is no more room for people in the center.

🐾 Hide Rocco

Take turns hiding the bean bag and then having the others go and search for it. You can subscribe to the kids club HERE

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