Nanana Bonselesele by Lebohang Masango

Title :Nanana Bonselesele

Author:Lebohang Masango

Illustrator: Subiaco Bosa

Publisher: Ethniki Kids Publishers

This tale is the story of Nanna Boselesele who is a wise, smart and brave woman. She builds her home on the busy road much to the bemusement of everyone.

As normal, one day she sets off to work leaving her beautiful children alone in the house. Several animals ask whose children they are and warn of Sondonzima the mighty elephant.

Very soon Sondonzima comes past and captures the children, swallowing them into his belly.

When Nanana returns to find her children missing she gathers her supplies and goes in search of the elephant to free her children and save the day.

Hamish thoroughly enjoyed the story and I found he related well to the characters.  He was super eager to get the children out of the elephants tummy.

I however would warn you if you have a sensitive child or animal lover, not to read this until they are a bit older as the elephant is harmed and we spent quite a bit of time explaining that it was just a story and no elephants were really harmed.

The illustrations are fun with lots of details and allow for the opening of discussion.

Overall, I really did love the story but would recommend this book for an older group only due to the sensitivity we encountered with regards to the elephant.

This book was not sponsored.

Photos: Fun mamma SA

Recommended age: 7 -12 year

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