Nandos delicious Mozambican Paprika sauce is now avaliable in store

Last week I recieved the most beautiful press drop from Nandos to celebrate their Mozambican Paprika sauce being avaliable in store.

From Moz with love

In 2017, Nando’s embraced the delectable smokey flavours of the Mozambican cuisine with the addution to their flame grilled peri-peri flavour, Mozambican Paprika

For years, many South Africans have been left wanting more after licking away the last remnants of sauce from their Nando’s meal.

Nando’s heard the plea and delivered.

Four years later, the delicious Mozambican Paprika sauce is now avaliable in select supermarkets countrywide.

Make Nando’s the heart of your kitchen

This 250ml bottle of Mozambican Paprika sauce is guaranteed to put a culinary depth to your meals and add that touch of Mozambique flavour and true Nando’s style to the heart of your own meals.

After all this sauce was made for pouring, dipping, cooking and adoring.

Crave it on your plate. Try it with chicken and want it with everything.

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