National colouring in book day

The 2nd of August was national colouring in book day . We spend a lot of time colouring in but it is only recently that Hamish has actually started to enjoy colouring.
There are so many great colouring in books on the market but I love these colouring in books from Butterfly products.
They remind me of the ones I had as a child and come in a variety of affordable prices and sizes.
They are also avaliable at most retailers.

How kids benefit from colouring in

Colouring in is really good for children and here are some of the ways in which colouring in can benefit a child.
Colouring in helps to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • It is a great alternative to screen time and we actually use it as a winding down time before bed.
  • Colouring stimulates creativity and develops a child’s imagination.
  • Colouring also strengthens a child’s motor skills and grip strength
  • It also encourages concentration and focus

Tips to help kids who are reluctant to colour in

Some children, like Hamish arereluctant to colour in and this can be for a multitude of reasons from their little hands not being developed yet to them wanting to be perfect and fearing going out the lines.

It is important to first identify why your child is reluctant to colour in. Never make colouring in a chore, this will just make them more reluctant to do it.
You can rather :
  • Choose simple designs in.
  • Use picture Themes that interests them a
  • Colour in with them.
  • Display their work to help build confidence and for encouragement.



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