New year, new healthy eating habits

Did you know that the pre-school years are considered to be a critical stage as this is when young children start developing new socio-emotional, motor, and cognition skills? The acquisition of these skills however is dependent on the kinds of food children are fed at home and at creche.

Now that the Back to School period is underway, Nestlé NIDO 3+, has launched an infographic to help stay on track with instilling healthy habits in your little one, this infographic will assist parents and caregivers with tips on how to establish healthier eating habits for their pre-schoolers in 2023. it is designed as a guide to educate caregivers and help them ensure that their young children receive the nutritional intake required for optimal physical growth, brain development, and immune protection.

As caregivers get back into the new school year, they can use this opportune time to educate themselves on the importance of tailored nutrition for their pre-schooler and develop strategies that allow their fussy eaters to get the vitamins and nutrients they need.

The routines and healthy habits that caregivers implement today will set their pre-schooler up for success in the future!


According to Food and Nutrition Bulletin 2017, Vol. 38(3) 405- South Africa’s children between the ages of three and five years, do not get adequate vital nutrients in their daily diet.  Some of the critical nutrient gaps identified for young children between 3 and 5 years are a deficiency in Vitamin A, Zinc, and Iron.

In fact, between 44 and 62% of SA between 3 and 5 years do not get enough Iron, 58% have an insufficient intake of Vitamin A and 55% of this age group’s intake of zinc is less than adequate. These insufficient nutrient intakes affect our children’s ability to grow and develop optimally, it affects the health of their immune systems which all contributes to poorer adult outcomes in terms of cognitive development and overall  health and well being

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  1. Wow new healthy eating habits, I need this they been sick the holidays and I would love to change thier eating habits to a healthier balance meal. Thank you agree because I think last year my twins had a lack of iron. Very helpfull

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