Nominate your H & M kids role model

Nominate your H & M kids role model

H& M  have a fabulous initiative running, where you can nominate your kids up as H&M kids role models.

Supporting future change makers

Started in 2021, Role Models is an initiative started by H & M to recognise, enable, and elevate kids who are working at making this world a better place.

Role Models encourages kids to tell their story, empowers them to encourage their peers and provides them to access to the resources they need for bigger more longer lasting impact.

Through this initiative H& M recognise that children and their creative minds are a force of change! 

Change makers projects

To support and champion the Role models, H & M have a few projects running. These are:


In 2019,the children’s rights advocacy organisation KidsRights launched the State of Youth program. This program was started to empower and unite youth aged 13- 24 years old by helping them to build a space where they can engage in local information, spread information, increase awareness, build advocacy and encourage action on issues that affect them.

With the assistance of H&M, KidsRights launched an online experience, for the younger children,aged 6-12, called State of Youth kids, with the intention to involve younger children, through a platform of games and engaging content in important topics like children’s rights, equality, sustainability,etc.

International Children’s Peace Prize

The World’s most prestigious Youth award.

A Role model film

When the Role Models initiate was first launched by H & M in 2021, a film was made to both change the perspective of who we as adults view as role models and to celebrate kids as change makers.

This is an inspirational film, directed by Brian Buckley,showing just how much impact children can have on the world around them. It highlights the fact that you are bever too young or old to be a role model.

View the film here 

How to Nominate your child

  • Fill in the form, answering the questions with your child
  • upload an image and they get their own role model picture to share.
  • Share their photo ( with your child’s consent)
  • Use the hashtag #rolemodelxhm
  • and tag @hmkids on social media

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