Oibo! The elastic baby ball and stacking toy from Moluk

I was so excited last week when I went downstairs and found a press drop from Stright zigzag.

I was even more delighted when I saw it was a box of Oibo! The new elastic ball and stacking toy released by Moluk!

What I absolutely love about the Moluk! Range is that there is no age limit and no “correct” way to play with the toys.

Children are free to interpret the toy and use their imagination to turn it into anything they think possible.

These open ended toys can be used inside, outside, in the bathroom, in the sandpit and for messy play.

The possibilities are endless.

What is an Oibo! ?

The Oibo! Is a soft silicone collapsable ball cleverly designed and cut from a sphere. Made from 100% food-graded silicone rubber which is free of BPA, Phthalates, lead and latex.

These durable shaped balls are not only a popular choice for babies they are also easy to grip.

The monochrome colours allow baby to focus and can be used to assist in eye tracking exercises by letting baby follow the Oibo! from left to right.

You could also suspend them over babies cot as a mobile.

Great to encourage baby to reach for them when doing tummy time and as baby starts learning to sit these are the perfect toys to grasp, chew, roll, squeeze and throw.

One of the best features are that the Oibo! Is collapsible making it safe to play with while baby learns to balance. It is also cut in such a way that the sides are thin allowing little ones to grasp 2 at a time.

The shape allows your child to post other toys through the top or pull toys from the centre and these various sized openings were designed specifically to encourage poking, gripping and passing from hand to hand to encourage the early development of hand – eye co-ordination and crossing of the midline.

As baby grows into a toddler these can be stacked on top of each other or used to teach your toddler to throw and catch. The silicone and irregular shape makes the Oibo! Unpredictably bouncy.

Older toddlers could add these to bath or sandpit play, use them for messy play, as stamps with finger paint or stencils. They can master hand eye co-ordination by tossing them into a bucket and you could even try juggling with them.

They are also easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe.

To learn more about this product and the Moluk! range visit :



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