Playvolution by Karen and Alex Powell

Play … what exactly is play ?

The dictionary defines play as :

Play (n) : recreation, amusement, esp. As the spontaneous activity of children and young animals; the action or manner if playing a game; frivolity; entertainment; recreation; fun; pleasure; sport; merrymaking; revelry; tomfoolery; horseplay; skylarking.

Play (v): amuse oneself; frolic; caper; sport; have fun; have a good time; enjoy oneself; take part in; join in; participate in; be occupied with; engage in; in jest; in fun; jokingly; teasingly; playfully; toungue-in-cheek; for a laugh.


Karen and Alex, owners of the play company Straight Zigzag, have written a book that takes you on a journey through the world of play.

In these pages they unpack the true definition of play and the characteristics of a true play experience thus helping you to understand the importance behind your child’s moments of play.

The book highlights new trends , toy designs and play environments. They also highlight the pros and cons of techno toys.

This couple, dedicated to creating awareness of the importance of childhood play, draw insight from their studies, work and life experiences and in a practical and insightful manner help you to see the importance of raising a balanced child in today’s modern, fast paced world.

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