Pokémon Epic Battle Collection – Review

The Pokémon Epic Battle Collection is a must this Christmas for all Pokémon fans.

Neatly packed in a sturdy collector box, this collection includes :-

✨️Pokémon Epic Adventures~ 2 action-packed stories in 1 with bright images and easy reading text for kids 8+

The book has 2 Epic Adventures in which Ash and his faithful Pokémon, Pikachu battle Team Skull. The images are reminiscent of a cartoon, depicting the Pokémon style that we’ve all come to know and love.

✨️Pokémon battle mazes activity book

✨️ Pokémon Poke Ball colouring book

✨️Double-sided poster

✨️Double-sided book mark

✨️ DIY craft to make your own Poke ball

What Hamish thought

Hamish is such a Pokémon fan, and this collection is a huge hit in our home. He was beyond thrilled to add this wonderful set of books to his growing Pokémon collection.

I asked him why he loved it ….

” The books are cool, and I get a poster of my favourite Pokémon- Pikachu. Also, I really liked making my own Poke ball and reading how Ash and Pikachu battled with Team Skull.”

The craft was easy for him to make himself and the activity books a nice way to keep him busy in the upcoming holidays.

The door hanger was immediately added to his door and Pikachu is proudly displayed on his wall.

Over all, he rated this ” cool ” which in the language of a seven year old, means ten out of ten.

You can watch Hamish unbox this collection here.

Book supplied by Jonathan Ball Publishers



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