Portalia foods

So many of the places we visit as a family are built on a history for us.

When I first moved to Cape Town, my daughter Tammi started work at a little family run pizzeria in Parklands.

She worked there for almost 3 years. My son Byron has worked there and Diana and Sam have watched my two youngest Kiki and Monkey enter their teen years.

My baby shower was at Portalia and we’ve celebrated Christmas and other family functions over their wood fire pizza and gracious hospitality.

Bear was a few weeks old when we went for supper for the first time there with him. Him in his car seat and me in my moon boot.

So Its been quite a progress from floppy baby to see my now toddler able to sit at the table with no baby seat and play with the handmade dough to keep him occupied.

If you haven’t yet tried Portalia foods you don’t know what you missing.

Delicious handmade fire oven pizzas made with love and an abundance of toppings .

Located in Parklands , cape town.

Try a pizza today .

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