Today I sat with a mom

I sat with a mom this morning…

A tired , overwhelmed mom.

A loving mom lost in the chaos of loving her teenage child so hard even though her child is hell bent on making wrong choices and defying her every word.

I sat with a mom at breaking point trying to keep her shit together whilst the world judged her.

I sat with a mom torn and conflicted , trying to do the right thing not knowing who to turn to and ask for the parenting manual.

I sat with a mom manipulated with the guilt of her child’s emotions. With the burden to bear of letting him down by choosing to be happy. With the need to protect and love him yet teach him to respect the journey they are on.

I sat with a mom who felt she failed and I welcomed her to my world…..

No child is perfect and as babies we dream and envision a future so bright for our children it blinds us both.

But the truth is our children will dissapoint us, they will fail our teachings, they will make mistakes …. that does not make you a bad parent if you have loved unconditionally and always parented the best you knew how.

As mothers our job is to stop judging those moms whose children have made mistakes until we have walked those steps ourselves.

Stop making mothers feel they are alone!

Stop making them think there is something wrong with them for the choices their teenage children make.

You can guide a teenager as much as you like but only they can make a choice good or bad.

I sat with a mom this morning and I shared my journey in solidarity of all strong moms dealing with the chaotic turmoil of life that affects our kids ….

….all our kids.

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