Why I share my parenting journey

One of the reasons I share so openly about my parenting journey is not because I for one minute believe I have all the answers.

It’s because 7 kids down I know each child has made me a different parent. Because their unique personalities has made me parent each one differently.

Our core values have stayed the same but I engage with each child on a different level.

Having adult kids also means I’ve traveled an often rocky journey and have dealt with several issues over the years with my kids and their friends.

Two of my boys have Aspergers and that has brought it’s own challenges.

I’ve had a teenager or 5 be totally defiant, we’ve dealt with running away, divorce, self harm and many other issues that as a new mom 26 years ago I could never have envisioned.

So this morning as I called a mom to explain where her son was when he ran away last night and that I was avaliable for coffee and a chat I was so careful that mom understood I was not coming from a place of judgement but of support.

The one thing I walked away with after our coffee chat was just how often moms are not allowed to say the situation is too big to handle or that they have no idea how to cope with the chaos of a defiant out of hand teenager.

Turning to organisations doesn’t yield more than judgemental stares and impractical advise so how do we firstly ….

Break the mommy judging stigma?

And secondly offer real advise that works. That moms who have lost their patience and can’t cope can put into effect to regain that harmony at home or restore that family bond?

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