puff pastry minipies

Puff Pastry mini pies

These little pies are a firm favourite in our home and make a great addition to a lunch box.
puff pastry pies
You could also make these in either sweet or savory options

Mini pies

You will need: 
1 roll of puff pastry
Pre-cooked pie filling
To make: 
Roll out your puff pastry on a floured surface
Cut out 2 circles for each mini pie using a glass
Add a spoon or two of your filling. Try not to fill the pie too much as it will spill out when cooking so keep your filling to the center.
Place a pastry lid on top and secure around the edge with a fork.
Use any leftover pastry to form berries and leaves
Attach these with a little egg.
Egg brush your pies and pop into the oven at 180 ° until golden.
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