Help! My child has ringworm

I discovered ringworm on Hamish the other day. It wasn’t very big and had clearly just started.

Thankfully, by boy number 5 you no longer freak out about things like ringworms, knowing that they are in no way an indication of how clean your home is, but I did wonder how he got it as he doesn’t play in garden sand and the only animals we had been near were crocodiles…I don’t think he got ringworm from them.

What is ringworm?

Ring worm is actually a fungal infection and not an actual worm. It lives on the dead tissues of your skin, hair and nails and can spread throughout your body.

What are the symptoms?

Ring worm starts as an itchy, scaly red patch that turns into a circle over time. The outer edge is considerably darker than the inner circle.Without treatment this circle will continue to grow.

Credit- medicine net

How do you get ring worms ?

Ring worms are spred by touching an infected person or animal. Knowing this I’m still not sure how Hamish caught his ring worm. We do share a neighbourhood cat who visits so perhaps from him but otherwise I have no clue.

How to treat ringworms

To treat ring worms you can buy an over the counter fungal cream and so Brent stopped and got some for Hamish.

Three days later the ring worm has gone. Our medicine cabinet has ring worm cream and I realised I should proberbly deworm him aswell.

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