Rocco Fox saves the day

In the woodlands far away is a little grey fox.

His name is Rocco.

One day, the Forest King asked Rocco to go on an exciting adventure. Rocco was to cross the large mountains and deliver a very important message to the Wild tribe.

The Wild tribe were a group of woodland friends who lived on the other side of the Trail mountains in a little forest.

Rocco was so excited.

He quickly packed his bags and grabbing the scroll with the Forest kings message and his map of the Kids Book Club Land , he headed out the door.

It would take several days to get to where he was going and Rocco would meet many new friends along the way …

Will you join him on his journey?

The first thing you will need to do is ask mom and dad to download a copy of the special Kids Book Club land map to follow with us.

You can download HERE.

Images : copyrite Kids Book Club

Story by: Judy MacGregor

In collaboration with Kids Book Club & Fun mamma SA

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