Sibo fights Malaria by Ginny Stone

I discovered the Sibo says series last year whilst still teaching, when I first noticed a road safety campaign they did with one of the Sibo says books.

Since then I’ve been meaning to look into buying the series for bear.

So, when I noticed a competition on the page it didn’t take me long to enter.

Suprised that I’d won, I couldn’t wait to read the book, share it with bear and Kiki and then take it to the Brownie troop my daughter leads to read to the girls.

Tonight I had the privilege of reading Sibo fights malaria to the Tableview brownies.

The girls settled in a circle and were excited to hear the story. The brownies are aged 7 to 12 years and I wasn’t sure as to how still they would sit to listen.

They were totally engrossed as you can see by their faces and kept interrupting me to ask questions.

They particularly loved that the book is written in rhyme.

At one stage the brownies got comfy as bear joined them to hear the rest of the story.

There’s a world map showing where malaria is found and we got to point out the countries that are affected.

Next the girls learnt how malaria is contracted, what the symptoms are and how to prevent the disease or treat it.

The illustrations are bright and attractive. I especially loved the labeled mosquito head and the enlarged mosquito.

This is a brilliant educational resource as well as a fun, entertaining read. The illustrations are attractive and I was immediately reminded of Dr Seuss with the smart use of rhyme Ginny Stone uses throughout the book.

A much needed resource for every classroom and home.

Thank you Ginny Stone for sharing this treasure with all of us ❤

For more information on the Sibo says book series visit their Facebook page:

Sibo says

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