Simons Town Warrior Toy museum and shop

Last week our homeschool group travelled out to Simon’s Town and one of the places we visited was Simons Town Warrior Toy Museum and Shop.

Entrance is only R10 per person and the museum is full of a wide assortment of vintage toys.

The kids loved this visit.

The highlight is a giant train track model in the centre of the room.

This store was started more than 30 years ago by owner and curator Percy, who also sells a range of model cars.

I personally was rather dissapointed by our visit as we arrived by appointment, were 10 minutesĀ  due to being held up at another museum and had to go search for the owner. There is a contact number on the door and I would advise if you do go to visit the toy museum you planĀ  another activity for the kids as well should the owner not be in the store.

We ended up going to Jubilee Square to see the statue and grabbed a cup of coffee whilst waiting on the owner to finish his lunch.


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