Sleep well and Do Good with Bed King

For the third year in a row, Bed King are running a promotion to assist The Children’s Hospital Trust.

For every Comfort Solutions Matress sold, R500 is donated to The Children’s Hospital Trust.
In 2018, an amazing R253 000 was raised.

This year, with your support, they are hoping to double that and help The Children’s Hospital Trust  to upgrade their emergency ward.

About the Children’s Hospital Trust

The Children’s Hospital Trust is an independent, non profit organisation that was established in 1994 to raise funds to support specific programs and projects to help advance child healthcare through the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

The Comfort Solutions Range

The Comfort Solutions Range is a high quality, premium hotel standard range of matresses that have been specifically designed for Bed King by leading brands.

With this initiative in place you can now save 15% on these top sleeping solutions.

The Comfort Solutions Lab

Bed King spent 5 years developing The Comfort solutions Lab, because they understand that buying a matress that will last you at least 10 years can be a very overwhelming.

With the use of advanced mapping technology, the Lab assists you to determine your unique comfort and support needs based on your body composition and sleep position. Allowing you to be matched up to a matress that fits your level and areas of support.

This takes 5 minutes and Bed King offer this service in store nation wide.

Each Comfort Solutions Lab is a spacious booth containing one matress that has a built in pressure mapping sensor.

Customers lie on the matress in their usual sleep position and using a series of pressure points, the system matches you to the right matress for your body composition and support needs.

Your data reading is displayed on the screen and you will be able to see where your unique pressure points are.

The Comfort Solutions Lab identifies two primary factors :- your individual ccomfort level and level of support needed.

So, when visiting Bed King, you can now be certain that you are purchasing the correct matress to support your body and sleep patterns as well as being able to support a good cause.

You will also now get a free Kingsley bear with every Comfort Solutions matress bought.

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