Snowman soup

Add a little cuteness to your kids Christmas tables or Christmas eve boxes this year with these cute and easy to make Snowman soups.

Hamish made these yesterday for his upcoming entrepreneurs day and I have a few made for our Neighbourhood kiddies as Christmas morning treats.

They are simply the sweetest and are also so easy that you could involve little ones in this cute tradition, letting them draw on the faces or pack the cups.

I do have a tag that I’ll be adding to my snowman soups and if you’d like a copy of the tag, you can pop me an email at

You will need: 

Polystyrene or paper cups – white

Googly eyes

Orange sticker or card to cut into carrot noses

A black marker

Individual hot chocolate packets


Plastic bags – to cover the Marshmallows. Cling film will also work.

Mini candy canes

To make :

Glue the googly eyes onto the cup and allow to dry.

Cut carrot noses to stick on.

Draw a few dots as a mouth.

Fill your cup by adding the hot chocolate sachet.

Next cover your Marshmallows into the plastic and make a pillow to cover the surface of the cup. I used 3 Marshmallows as this was enough. You could also add a bit of tinsel under the Marshmallows if you find that they are sinking into the cup.

Then pop in your candy cane. Using a covered candy cane is best if you are not serving these straight away.

The kids will love these.

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