Some days we get messy

We’ve started the week with quite a few arts and crafts projects because of Valentine’s day being on Friday.Today as we settled to make a foot print craft for an Instagram challenge we got messy !It started off well, a calm quiet activity.Some blue paint and a packet of wet wipes to wipe his feet after the print.ButThen I dropped a bit of blue paint, accidentally, on the floor.Now, in our home, you never waste paint!So, we started finger painting on the tiles.Of course, I also forgot Hamish had smurf colour feet and was now making the cutest foot prints along the floor.And as all good play moments go …It got messy!Before we knew it, we were both splattered with blue paint, rolling on the floor laughing and everything was blue.These are the moments I want Hamish to remember.The spontaneous mess, covered in paint where we laughed too loud at a bit of paint that was easy enough to clean.These are the moments, when he looks back, that I hope he remembers to always find the fun in every situation.

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