St Nicholas Day – 6 December

Today, 6 December, is St Nicholas day and Hamish, who put out his boots by his bedroom door last night, will awaken to find that St Nicholas has filled them with small gifts and treats.

I personally always add a new tree ornament just for him and this year chose a nutcracker as he is fascinated by them.

I’ve also included some money, because i forgot to buy the chocolate coins and a little craft gift to keep him busy.

Added to that some fruit and a small bag of sweets.

Who was St Nicholas?

St Nicholas was a third century monk, who became the inspiration for the modern day Santa that our children all love and adore.

Raised as a devout Christian he dedicated his entire life serving the sick and the suffering. He is well know for selling all his possessions and having that money to the poor.

The legendary stories about St Nicholas and his generosity later became the inspiration for our belief in Santa.

One tale speaks of a poor father, who could not afford the dowry for his three daughters weddings, on three separate occasions St Nicholas provided those wedding dowrys. According to the legend, he placed hold in their shoes drying by the fire.

Interesting facts about St. NicholasĀ 

  • He is the patron Saint of many causes
  • He was born in the little villiage of Patar, on the southern east coast of Turkey.
  • He was buried in a tomb in Myra and water, believed to have healing power , formed in his grave. This is known as the Manna of St Nicholas.

About St Nicholas day

December 6th is also known as The Feast of St. Nicholas, widely celebrated in Europe. It commemorates the day of St Nicholas death.

Although St Nicholas day should not be confused with Christmas day, there are some similarities.

Traditions include :

  • Leaving out your shoes or stockings on the eveningĀ  before to be filled by him
  • Exchanging small gifts
  • Leaving treats for good boys and girls.
  • Leaving a piece of cool or a twig for naughty children

How to observe St Nicholas day

You can incorporate some St Nicholas day traditions into your festive celebrations this holiday season by encouraging the kids to put their shoes at the door on the 5 December, to await a small gift or treat.

Alternatively suprise a loved one and slip a small gift into their shoe.

Good gift ideas are :

  • Small note of gratitude
  • Sweets and chocolate. I like to add chocolate coins.
  • Nuts and dried fruit
  • A special ornament for the Christmas tree
  • For children a small gift like small dolls, cars, spin tops, fidget toys, stress balls, etc

A small tradition that, to me, reminds us to stay humble in our celebrations, encourages kindness and generosity and keeps in focus that the heart of the festive season lies in giving.

Happy St Nicholas day

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