Stop Gender Shaming

As the mom of 5 boys and 2 girls I love sharing inspirational posts or memes on Facebook with them so that I can fill their mind with positivity.

On any given day I can scroll through Facebook and easily post 100 strong women, amazing ladies and Future is female posts or memes.

I can tell my daughter just how wonderful, loved and truly full of potential she is….


I struggle to find the same for my son’s!

Instead I’m filled with male negativity. How men are useless, abusers and clearly from what I’m reading on all these Equal rights women groups the object of so many strong women’s misery.

Now , before you get your Jimmy choos in a click….

I’m not saying that educating and inspiring our young ladies is wrong. I’m totally for motivating them to reach for their dreams …

What I am saying is that my son’s deserve just as much motivation and encouragement to reach theirs aswell.

Equal rights is just that . It’s treating both genders equally. Respecting that every person, regardless of gender is an amazing human, deserves to be treated fairly and raised in strong households that develop their personal best to become the person they dream of being.

Our words are important!

Our children, girls and boys, look to us for guidance and example.

If you are really a strong woman raising a strong child ready to make a change in this world then let us start with our words.

Let’s start building our SONS up as much as we do our DAUGHTERS! Without the need to gender shame.

Let’s stop silently telling our sons to be ashamed of their gender. Let’s stop raising our daughters to see men as lacking potential.

Let the future belong to emotionally strong children who were encouraged to be the best they can be.

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