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Stop judging moms

I don’t know about you but my child doesn’t always behave and sometimes he misbehaves in public and then we navigate that as best as we can.

( I’m sure there’s a mommy blogger or 5 who remember me running, downhill at a certain wine farm calling my child ….loudly…. as he darted for the water. )

Reality check 
He’s only 5 year old.

So, often this is because he is tired, hungry, bored or honestly it’s just been a long day.

You see, he is still learning how to identify and control how he feels. He doesn’t yet know how society expects him to act and truthfully he needs me to be present, guide him and more often than not assist in him regulating his emotions.

These are big emotions and tasks for little people.

Imagine this
Now ….

Imagine being a bored 4-year-old stuck in an event for adults, wearing tight clothing day after day and having to sit still.

This would be torture right?

Royal toddlers are still just children
Agreed ….which is why I find the media ( and general public) scrutinizing poor little prince Louis behaviour at the Royal jubilee infuriating.

Good mom
His mother, with the world watching….did what the rest of us do ….she did her best in a situation where she most likely was bored to tears as well, slightly embarrassed and wondering what the headlines would read the next day.

She addressed him, was present, assisted him to regulate whilst staying calm and knew when to let others help.

She continued to be a parent first, disregarding the negativity of her child’s behaviour in the judgemental eyes of the world.

In fact she did a lot better than many parents would.

We need to check our own homes before judging
I recently attended an event where the parents sat back watching their children run a complete mock. They were completely disengaged, not once stepping up to parent or guide their children.

These kids were older than prince Louis. They were in an environment designed for kids and yet they continued to pull things off shelves, hurt each other, be disrespectful to other people’s property and other people and in their unsupervised play, break things.

Moms need support not judgement 

Perhaps as moms ….

Our job should be to support each other, offer empathy and look to our own parenting before we offer judgment on a mom doing her best ….regardless of her social standing.


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