Rock’em Sock’em game review

I’m always on the look out for great family games to play with Hamish and Rock ’em Sock ’em was high on my list.

Toyshopper sent one over and we have been having the best time in mock fights seeing which robot would win. ( It’s usually Hamish )

About the game

Introducing the fight of the decade …
Heavyweight champion of the universe
In a battle of giants as they fight to the finish!
This classic Mattel game of ROCK ‘EM SOCK’ EM Robots has been scoring Knockouts since 1964 and it’s easy to see why this interactive, action-packed game is a winner with kids and parents alike!

How to play

Set up your fighting arena, position your robots and use the levers to control their hamer-like arms to sock each other with steel crunching hooks and pile driving jabs until one robot hits the other head up, scoring a point and knocking his block off.
You can see us play here
Hamish loves this game as much as the adults in our home. Great family games night fun, holiday entertainment, and the perfect game to add to that Christmas wish list.
Game available at Toy Shopper 

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