5 best putt putt courses to play at.

Two years ago we took a 3-year-old Hamish to play putt putt for the first time.

Putt putt in Sea point
It was Brent’s birthday and we had won a voucher to play putt putt at Putt-putt SA in Muizenberg.
It was so much fun. We all enjoyed the morning and Hamish ran around inventing his own game which was very much a sad combination of hockey and golf.
But, thus began a birthday tradition and for both Brent and Hamish’s birthday each year we head off to play putt putt.
This year however Hamish has found every reason to throw in several games in-between as putt putt is a firm favourite.
Brent & Hamish starting their Putt Putt birthday tradition

Here are our 5 best putt putt courses to play at.

1.Melkbossie Farm Animal Sanctuary

This cute putt putt course on the grounds of the Melkbossie Farm Animal Sanctuary is top of our list.
It’s clean and out in the fresh air with ample space for parents to sit and wait on kids playing.
The course is relatively easy and fun for parents and adults alike.
Price : free
Melkbossie Farm Animal Sanctuary is free but donations are appreciated. The putt putt course is free to play at.

2. Cave golf – Scratch patch V & A Waterfront

I very much enjoy this course though it can get very confusing to follow. The course itself varies in degrees of difficulty and certainly offers a few challenging spots.
Because it’s in a cave, it tends to get incredibly hot and over weekends and holidays, the cave golf is extremely busy.
Price : R35

3. Cave golf – Scratch patch Simon’s Town

Whilst I haven’t played this course personally, I know others who have and have thoroughly enjoyed it. This is on our bucket list of courses to play at and is on this list as the Cave golf at V and A is a great course.
Price : R35

4. SA putt putt – Sea point

I love the fresh sea air and breathtaking views as you play one of two courses here.
Again this is a very popular spot during weekends and holidays so it’s advisable to go early.
The course is outside and offers a few seats but mostly you will need your sunblock when visiting.
The course was well looked after when we last visited.
Price: R35

5. Sa putt putt – Muizenberg

This charming course is slowly outside and offers a variety of difficulty.
Being outside you will need your sunblock but just like the SA putt putt in sea point on our last visit, the course was well taken care of.
Price : R35 
cave golf

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