Wow ….

I can hardly believe I’m 10 weeks down in my studies. I feel like I embarked on this Digital marketing course just yesterday.

Aside from how much I’ve gained from this course I’ve also learnt:-

💻 that studying whilst recovering from a pulmenory embolism is exhausting, overwealming and challenging at the best of times.

💻that studying with a very active toddler and a household to look after means you need some serious will power to stick to a good study routine.

💻 that time management is my best friend

💻 that trying to work 8 hours a day, study, run a home and still maintain a semi decent social life whilst remembering to be a wife , mother and friend,Not forgetting to take time for myself means I’m officially equipped to rule the world 🤣😂

💻 and that regardless of the obstacles I can do this !

On top of my 10 weeks course I’ve also been doing a 6 week volunteer study course through Two Oceans Aquarium. This has been challenging but i love it.

So, most of my last few weeks I’ve been studying a healthy dose of marketing material and biology.

My Mondays are dedicated to in classroom studies and tests with the aquarium and Tuesdays all my online tests , essays and assignments are due for the marketing course. Leaving me to start my week on Wednesdays with new study material🙈

So, this is my last week on my Digital marketing course and I’ve decided to take the week off.

I’m going to focus on my last exam without distractions ( well as few distractions as possible)

Thank you for understanding , your support and patience as i finish the last stretch of this journey. 💜

Life ( and my blog) will resume as normal from the 23 August 2018

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