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Brent’s been on leave and other tales

Brent’s been on leave for most of April and the beginning of May. We’ve loved having him at home and it’s been a fun mix of chaos and busy !

He heads back to work today and we will slowly find our routine again after weeks of sleeping in a little later and adjusted schedules to fit in weekday outings.
We have enjoyed some really great staycation memories during his leave, as we explored Cape Town, because let’s be honest, there is always something to do in Cape Town.

Holiday moments

We tried to put in as many special trips with Hamish as possible and managed to visit the following places while Brent was on leave :
  • Ysterplaat Airforce Base museum– This museum is free and divided into 2 parts. The first is the museum, which has a ton of memorabilia of the SAAF. The second is at hangar 4 where you get to get up close to the aircrafts and climb into some.
  •  Ten pin bowling at Grand west – This was a really fun outing for all of us and Hamish has asked to go again. At R60 an adult it was also super affordable as far as activities go.
  •  Canal walk kids world imagination station – Here Hamish got to create his own masterpiece for only R50
  • Games arcades – There were a few visits to the arcades at both Canal walk and Grand west. I’m not a fan of arcades but Hamish loves them.
  • Ratanga park– Also several visits here to ride bikes. I really love this park .


  •  The museum of Childhood- Another free museum. The museum of childhood is a wonderful space for children to learn, play and express themselves.
  •  The beach – Is it even a holiday without beach visits? We have found a local spot with rockpools that has become our favourite
  •  Spur and other fast food restaurants– Because who cooks when on holiday right?
  • SANCCOB– This was a great visit to learn more about the workings behind the scene at SANCCOB penguin Rehabilitation center. If you are going please book in advance.
  •  Cool runnings – A fun family taboggan track with 1.2km of track to wind down . The guys loved this. You can see how much the guys enjoyed this here
  •  Majik forest – Another space we love. An open forest to picnic at or wander around. You can also feed the ducks on the water.
  •  Melkbossie animal farm – This farm yards Sanctuary is free to enter and animal food is R10 a bag . We love going here, grabbing some coffee and playing putt putt. Hamish enjoys feeding the animals and riding the horses.
  • The Labia– I had a few invites to some screenings while Brent was on leave and we took Ronan on his birthday with Shaun to watch the lost city.  The Labia has some great date night specials if you are looking.
  •  Intaka Island– We spent Easter Sunday doing a fun Easter egg hunt at Intaka Island. This little wetland is under R30 for an adult to enter and aside from watching birds, taking a hike you can also book a boat ride on the canals.
  • Tablebay mall Easter veggie garden – Hamish got to join the fun at Tablevay mall over Easter and plant his own strawberries.
  •  Ostrich farm – We headed to the ostrich farm and Hamish loved the museum, learning about ostriches. He also stood on ostrich eggs, fed ostriches, sat on an ostrich and went to the scratch patch on site.
  • McClaren circus – I don’t support animals in a circus so this was a difficult choice for me because I wanted Hamish to experience the joy, just once of going to the circus.
And in-between outings, keeping Hamish entertained and the copious amounts of coffee I’ve made we managed to find some down time, some rainy days and a few lazy pj days.
Honestly though, I’m quite greatful to get back to our routine although adjusting to him being back at work full time again is going to be hard.
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The Bucket List Book – Cape Town edition

One of my top reasons for loving Cape Town is the abundance of things to do as a family.

There is always something new or fun to do and we have an incredibly long bucket list each year of all the things we want to try or do with Hamish. As you can imagine, doing these activities can become quite costly when you add in entry fees, lunches and petrol to travel to the destination.
But what if there was a way to save on some expenses and enjoy more?

The Bucket list book

Well, now you can with The Bucket list book.
The Bucket list book is a beautifully designed A5 hardcover fun, interactive guide book and journal for kids to record and rate their adventures, add photos, get creative by drawing, learn the snippets of information and enjoy pages of activities.
With bright fun maps and updated details of the businesses, the book highlights some fun places to visit and allows your child to build up a keepsake album to look back at over a year.
Your child can also create their own top 10 places to visit bucket list and start to tick off the best ice cream places to try.
Best of all the last pages of The bucket list book includes over 40 vouchers to save you money whilst visiting this bucket list of family-friendly places in and around Cape Town.
The Bucket list book retails at R650 each. Inside You will discover more than R1800 worth of FREE activities and over R12 000 worth of discounted activities.
All vouchers last until November 2022, giving you more than enough time to enjoy and redeem these fun experiences.
This year give the gift of experience and memories to your children. Let’s keep our children exploring.

Our experience

Hamish loved filling in the pages of his book prior to our first adventure.
We made his Top 10 list and then sat together to read the facts about Cape Town and choose somewhere to go….he chose the Blue train park and ice cream.
The book was known at the venues and we had no problem redeeming the tickets. However, it is wise to first show your book and card inside the book and explain that you will be using a voucher.
We noticed there were restrictions with the ice creams we were ordering and thus it’s good to know beforehand what your vouchers entail so that you can use them correctly.
Also recommended is to do your homework and Google the business you want to visit first as I noticed the bike park only take online bookings, which I would not have known if I hadn’t google to try to see if their track was suitable for Hamish to ride on.
Some businesses may have food restrictions, rules to obey or not be open on a Sunday, etc, so it is always good to know the information you need before venturing out.
It’s always a good idea to plan your visits before heading out and I like to see the local business around where we are heading as well. This way I can plan my day and ensure our adventure goes off smoothly.

My thoughts on the book

I am really impressed with the book and as a family that ventures out each weekend, I am sure we will use all the vouchers and save enough to enjoy some extras along our adventure.
I mostly love that it becomes a keepsake album recording our experiences with Hamish.
I also love that the book has added a few kindness vouchers along the way. Things like smile at someone, hold the door open, and give a hug. This really spoke to my mom heart.
Yesterday we saved just over R100 using 2 vouchers and with January being such a long and costly month, the free vouchers allow us to still enjoy family outings. Playdates and homeschool days out on a limited budget.

To order

To order your book go to