Take a free Marine Wildlife Walk at V & A Waterfront

Have you done the Marine wildlife walk at the V & A Waterfront yet?

I love this self guided, free walk that both educates and entertains visitors to the Waterfront.

How to enjoy the Marine wildlife walk

Simply scan the map or download one here  and find the boards along your visit to the Waterfront and discover the many animals that call the Waterfront home.

What animals to find

There are 8 boards to find and they include :




Jelly fish


Sun fish


And Cape Comorant.

Why a marine wildlife walk ?

The V & A Waterfront is so much more than just a tourist attraction, it is also the home to many marine animals that frequent the harbour, ocean and area.

From sea gulls to seals if you keep a close look you can spot a multitude of animal life at any time.

The Marine wildlife walk helps to highlight these animals. It also serves to educate as to the types of animals you may see living, breeding, playing or visiting the Waterfront throughout the year.

You are encouraged to keep a look out for the marine neighbour’s, share your sightings with friends and family or record them on the V & A Waterfront project on the iNaturalist App.

( iNaturalist is a nature app avaliable free on Google playstore )

You can also learn more about each animal here



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