The glam -babys gender reveal

As I’ve shared with you, my eldest son is expecting a baby on the 14th of October.

This means I officially fall into the 40 and fabulous glam-ma club.

As family we’d been voting all week to guess the babys gender. Aurora had made this cute little rain cloud ( as babys name is Rain) and we each voted our gender on either pink or blue droplets.

On Saturday they went off for a scan with Kirsten from Tummy Time and she messaged me to tell me the babys gender as we were planning a reveal for Sunday, mothers day.

Saturday night , Kiki made this gorgeous little box for us to hide the babys gender in .

A pair of blue and pink shoes and we were ready to get down to what babys gender was.

That morning my son walked in and told me he knew it was a boy as he had seen so on the scan. I just started laughing so he was convinced he was right.

I couldn’t wait to see their faces when they discovered it was in fact ….

A girl.

First I made them each hold up a shoe of what gender they thought the baby was according to how they had guessed during the week.

Next I placed the box in front of them and they opened it.

Both were in total disbelief to find out their little baby is a girl.

I filled the box with some delicate natural lavendar products from Cherish beauty for the new mom and dad to use on baby rain.

Welcome little rain drop.

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