The Inspiration for my blogs is my life

Day 20 of the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge asks how I find inspiration for my blog posts

The only answer I can give is in the ordinary days of my life !

Most of my posts are based on my own experiences in motherhood or on my life journey.

I often share short snippets as I know how hard it is for moms to read long passages. We barely have time to go to the loo, let alone read a 1200 piece of perfectly written text that could have been condensed into 500 words that they can digest with a cup of coffee.

My best writings come from moments that impact me. For example the recent meeting of a man who lost his child and nearly knocked my pram with his car. The brief meeting of a lady who was I’ll dressed for a fancy function and shared her story. A bus trip where I met someone who was diagnosed with cancer and chatted through an MRI procedure.

I love to share these encounters because they impact me deeply.

I share tips I’ve used in class or with my children. I share parenting hacks I’ve learnt along the way or cool reviews of brands I love.

I also share a lot of the places we’ve visited, things we’ve experienced and some random 3am thoughts.

So, my inspiration for my blogs is my life ♥️

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